Too Cool — The Couch to 5K Running Program

Okay. I don’t always get super excited at the thought of running or jogging. I like to power walk and can really get going if I have a good audiobook on the headphones. Sometimes I just to stroll with with my dog, Kela, around the neighborhood or to the park. But today I came across this website called The Couch to 5K Running Program, and it really looks cool! I feel excited about running. Oh Oh.

There are things to buy on this site, but the two month running program is free. it looks like it  involves some interval training, between running and walking. I’m super tempted to try this. Right now I am wishing I had just started this blog. Otherwise there would be people here who would join together with me and take the challenge. That would really help to keep me motivated.

Check out the site and look around. And, bear in mind that 5K is only about 3 miles. It would be great to enter some 5K races and no I could finish.

If anyone out in blogland reads this and thinks they might like to try it. Please let me know during the coming week. I’d love a teammate.




About Karen Saint Marie

Hi! I'm Karen Saint Marie. I have worked in the fields of health care, nutrition and mental wellness since 1991. Over the past two decades, I became aware that almost everyone is interested in how to feel better, live better and think better. The problem is, most people find it impossible to prioritize their physical and mental health while juggling family, jobs, and community projects. I have helped many individuals and small groups learn to identify, understand and implement better health and wellness practices. Wellness is a many-fold process. To begin, pick a place to start and get the process going. Being healthy in mind and body doesn't mean spending hours every day focused on healthy living. Instead, it is easier to make healthy living a natural and enjoyable part of our lives. Taking care of our minds means putting the right things in our bodies. It means pushing our minds in fun and explorative ways. Learning about the latest neuroscience and psychological research is helpful. It shows us the easiest ways to keep our brains humming along, well into our later years. Taking care of our bodies means being aware of our movements. It means making good choices for healthy foods, even when we eat out for most of our meals. It doesn't have to be hard, and, it can be a lot of fun. Living a great life doesn't have to come at a high price. It just involves knowing what is needed, and then, doing some small part of that every day. You can contact me at

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